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Ultimate Goal – To donate One hour of time or salary per (forty-hour work) week for a cause related to community service and development. A reminder for charitable giving and investment of time and resources into our communities. The purpose of the page is to help suggest volunteer efforts, highlight charities, and make these acts and opportunities more readily available.

Rationale - A community is best served if all members are participating in the welfare and care of its members. Whether it’s someone on your block, or recognizing an issue facing people from another country in need, every little bit (ELB) can help alleviate suffering and change the lives of someone else. 

Logically - if a million people help just one person each – a million others are better off. If we spread out the participation and share the opportunity to give – it’s a lighter load for all to carry. 

Give what you can, when you can - but like anything else, helping others is a practiced skill. The more you repeatedly become involved in volunteering or donating, the more it will become second nature.

Community service is part of our duty – in every religion and every society, helping those in need has been a part of the social norm – we need to bring it back to the forefront of our society.

Secondary and baseline goal – to not only remind a simple effort can change a life – but to make it easier to get involved in that effort. To focus those hard-working and willing participants who feel unsure and yet know they want to participate- to make it just a little easier to sort through causes – and try our best to educate our local, state and national members on issues that time, effort or financial assistance can make better.

Featured Charities -

Starting January 2021 - Pittsburgh Food Bank/Feed America

Through November 2020- LGBTQIA youth organizations here in Pittsburgh and other sites to donate here in town coming this month!

Donate directly:

January 2021

Greater Food Bank of Pittsburgh

Humane Animal Rescue

Year Round

Great Local Pittsburgh Charities 

Humane Animal Rescue

March And April

Humane Animal Rescue

March And April

National LGBTQIA organization:

It gets Better:

Humane Animal Rescue

Click here for Pittsburgh Volunteer Opportunities:

Check out these local events - at Pittsburgh Cares.